Sponsor or Exhibit with the MICPA

Policies and Procedures

Business development opportunities may not be exclusive. MICPA and your company will mutually agree upon opportunities selected. Company logo and materials for confirmations must be submitted electronically a minimum of 12 weeks prior to each event. Materials attached to name badges must be no larger than 4” x 9” and should be provided to MICPA at least two weeks prior to the event. Companies participating are not allowed to advertise or promote CPE courses unless they are MICPA programs. If recommending your company speaker, please note that conference topics and speakers are selected by a planning taskforce approximately six months prior to the event. All materials submitted for advertising or to be distributed to members are subject to acceptance for publication or distribution at the sole discretion of MICPA. Companies and agencies assume all liability for content of advertisements and materials distributed to attendees. They also assume responsibility for all claims against the publisher arising from such content, and agree to indemnify and hold MICPA harmless from any such claims. MICPA reserves the right to decline a business development request. Sponsorship of a one-time annual event does not qualify for discounts. Payment must be received 12 weeks prior to participating in an event or sponsorship recognition may not be provided. Full payment must be received 12 weeks prior to the event to guarantee that your company’s name/advertisement will be printed or published as confirmed. Any outstanding balances must be paid prior to future participation with any MICPA event.

When sending logo artwork, please provide a vector‐based file (.eps or .ai), with outlines. If you do not have outlines, please supply fonts with the file. Other acceptable formats include high quality jpg. Files must be CMYK and 300 dpi or higher. Email files to sponsorships@micpa.org.

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