Staff Directory

Office of the CEO

Peggy A. Dzierzawski, CAE - President & CEO
Phone: 248.267.3700

Chrissy Baginski - Director, Office of the CEO
Phone: 248.267.3741

Aaron Tate Assistant ControllerAccounting 248.267.3697
Amber Kanski CPE Assistant (part-time)Continuing Professional Education 248.267.3723
Colleen Severson CPE Assistant Coordinator (part-time)Continuing Professional Education 248.267.3715
Dan Kolasinski Director of Program DevelopmentContinuing Professional Education 248.267.3726
Daniel Todd, CAE VP, Chief Information OfficerInformation Technology 248.267.3742
David Pickering Peer Review Senior ManagerPeer Review 248.267.3751
Denese Ennis Director of Member EngagementMember Engagement 248.267.3717
Denise Mazzetti Business Development RepresentativeBusiness Development 248.267.3681
Eliana Giournas Account AdministratorBusiness Development 248.267.3728
Eric Lynn, CPA, MBA, CGMA VP, ControllerAccounting 248.267.3714
Erno Van Schalkwyk Systems ArchitectInformation Technology 248.267.3732
Fred Lucas Production Center Coordinator (part-time)Production Center 248.267.3727
Gloria Sankuer Member Engagement & Fundraising Coordinator (part-time)Member Engagement 248.267.3711
James Jagger SVP, Chief Marketing OfficerMarketing, Communications, Digital & Video 248.267.3745
Jeff Fisher Business Systems AnalystInformation Technology 248.267.3720
Jenna Pini Jr. DesignerMarketing, Communications, Digital & Video 248.267.3731
Jennifer Rogers Marketing Services ManagerMarketing, Communications, Digital & Video 248.267.3713
Jessica Bills Conference CoordinatorContinuing Professional Education 248.267.3749
Jody Skonieczny VP, Member EngagementMember Engagement 248.267.3733
Joe Colosi Member Engagement ManagerMember Engagement 248.267.3761
John Cunningham Director of Business DevelopmentBusiness Development 248.267.3748
Judith Trepeck, CPA, CGMA SVP, Partnerships and Customized TrainingProgram Development & Volunteer Services 248.267.3702
Kamal Webster VP, Learning and DevelopmentContinuing Professional Education 248.267.3706
Karen Guerra Peer Review SpecialistPeer Review 248.267.3718
Karleigha Engelhardt Marketing & Video ManagerMarketing, Communications, Digital & Video 248.267.3703
Katie Gadulka, CMP Director of Conferences & Special EventsContinuing Professional Education 248.267.3719
Kelly Dzierzawski Video & Creative Services Senior ManagerMarketing, Communications, Digital & Video 248.267.3740
Kim Stoner, aPHR Human Resources GeneralistHuman Resources 248.267.3738
Kristin Fritschi Digital Marketing Coordinator & StrategistMarketing, Communications, Digital & Video 248.267.3743
Laura Bullard Member Services & Office of the CEO CoordinatorMember Engagement 248.267.3705
Liz Bailey Seminar Senior CoordinatorContinuing Professional Education 248.267.3716
Peggy Haw Jury, CPA, CGMA SVP, Chief Financial OfficerAccounting 248.267.3698
Rachel Reardon Government Relations ManagerGovernment Relations 248.267.3725
Randy Halleck Director of Technology ServicesInformation Technology 248.267.3744
Rebecca Schiebel, CMP Meetings & Special Events ManagerContinuing Professional Education 248.267.3746
Robin Perry Accounting AssistantAccounting 248.267.3739
Ryan Pete Creative Services & Production CoordinatorMarketing, Communications, Digital & Video 248.267.3686
Sandra Valle-Sloane CPE CoordinatorContinuing Professional Education 248.267.3750
Sarah Heitsch Conference Senior CoordinatorContinuing Professional Education 248.267.3722
Sarah Evoe Director of Marketing & CommunicationsMarketing, Communications, Digital & Video 248.267.3712
Shane Barry VP, Government RelationsGovernment Relations 248.267.3710
Sue Jones Technical Services Assistant (part-time)Ethics 248.267.3721
Tish James Volunteer Services Assistant (part-time)Member Engagement 248.267.3685
Vanessa Sifferman Conference ManagerContinuing Professional Education 248.267.3704