February - June 2023 The CFO Series

Buckle Up – And Bring Your A-Game!

Whether you aspire to become a CFO or have already assumed the role at your organization, the CFO Series provides insight on the latest trends and challenges impacting CFOs. Join industry experts as they discuss a variety of topics, including long-term planning and budgeting strategies, attracting and retaining staff, change and performance management, hot skills for 2023 and more.

Try a session out OR save $100 when you take all 5 in the series (completes your yearly CPE earning requirement). 

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Series A: NEW for 2023!

Live in-person: Troy

Need more flexibility? Each session in this series is also presented as two consecutive mornings virtual.

Big Picture Mega-Trends & Risks

 Attend virtually.

Dive into the latest trends with an in-depth look at current business tech, like big data and cryptocurrency as well today’s biggest risks and ethical conundrums.

Skills for 2023 & Beyond

 Attend virtually.

Adopt a fresh mindset with the skills you need to navigate detailed KPIs and metrics, plus find the lessons granted through failure and study the art of a successful business sale.

Staying Ahead in a Dynamic Economy

 Attend virtually.

Take control of today’s business world with everything you need to know about its most unique challenges, from cybersecurity woes and mergers and acquisitions to taking on brand-new roles.

Today's Staff Retention & Accounting

 Attend virtually.

The talent wars continue – find out how you can get a leg up by studying the methods of yesterday’s leaders while investigating what makes employees happy and what makes them leave.

Planning for the Long Term

 Attend virtually.

It’s time to think strategically about the long-term, including setting your organization’s foundations for success, measuring performance with defined metrics, adopting lean operations, staying innovative and more!



Series B: Take Two - Second Chance Sessions

Live in-person: Grand Rapids

Preparing for Change

Since we see change daily, it’s difficult to recognize it as a key risk- become even more adept at the pattern of change, find the keys to fixing systems risk and avoid the most common mistake that managers are making.

360 Degree Budgeting

Traditional budgeting produces stale results, fatiguing both financial and cross-departmental leadership as repetition and flaws seep into the process- is it possible to engage the human and technical sides of the budgeting to create something engaging, efficient, easily communicated and even fun?

Fine Tune Your Finances

Do more with less with proactive efforts by financial management that prevent the need to ‘catch up’ and by taking the lead in strategic cash flow decisions.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Three things can happen when pricing and two of them are bad- discuss the accountant’s role in pricing strategy, contemporary cost concepts as well as cost and pricing models.

Financial Communications

American businesses report losing $400 billion a year to unclear writing that wastes time and even kills contracts- leverage metrics and your financial acumen drive performance and communicate value.

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