The CFO Series 2024 February – June 2024

Empower your organization by building skills and generating results through an interactive, executive-level series that connects you with colleagues on the issues presented in today’s business environment.

Try a session out OR save $100 when you take all 5 in the series (completes your yearly CPE earning requirement).  

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New for 2024 (Offered in Troy or Virtually)

Chief Reviewer 

As a CFO, a key part of your role is review. Increase the effectiveness of your leadership skills in the continuous reviews of processes, performance, taxes, financials and more.  

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Employees Today and Tomorrow

Are employees assets? GAAP tells us they are not but does this treatment create bias in an increasingly competitive talent market as each organization seeks to keep talent and deliver better performance?  

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The Effective CFO

The best CFOs not only keep score, but they enable the organization to score more. Evaluate tactics to accomplish this while balancing traditional responsibilities with new demands. 

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Management Superpowers

Hone your management skills as we discuss how and, specifically, what you can do to improve relational communication.

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2024 Grand Rapid Series

Big Pictures Mega-Trends and Risks

Identify the internal and external factors that impact your operations and develop a reasoning methodology to approach and navigate trends in everything from global technology to office politics.

Skills for 2024 and Beyond

Every success is the result of failed experiments. Leverage your own success through experimentation and develop a skill set to meet the needs of a new business environment powered by KPIs and inclusion.

Staying Ahead in Dynamic Economy

Two-thirds of small businesses will experience some form of employee fraud according to the BBB. Effectively mitigate the risk of fraud, cybersecurity and other business transitions. 

Today's Staff Retention and Accounting

Discuss the real costs of employee turnover, changes you can make to prevent it, equity compensation plans and inventory accounting in the dynamic environment of today. 



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