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We are dedicated to creating and maintaining strong relationships in Lansing on your behalf, fostering the CPA profession. Want to know more about what the MICPA has been doing on the advocacy front?

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Recreational Marijuana Approved by Michigan Voters, The CPA Impacts


Michigan’s landscape has changed drastically since voters approved recreational marijuana in November 2018. As their business clients seek to enter or invest in this growing industry, CPAs should consider a number of items prior to engaging.

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In an Instant

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Check out our award winning advocacy series, In an Instant, with Shane Barry and John Lindley.

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What Legislation is Impacting Michigan CPAs?

 Keep up to date on the status of proposed legislation and enacted laws that have an impact on the profession. Visit MICPA's legislative tracking page.

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Engaged members are paramount to the success of MICPA advocacy efforts. Utilizing a new tool, VoterVoice, the MICPA and its Government Relations staff will give members more tools to become engaged. For more information, contact the Government Relations department at 248.267.3710.