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In order to ensure that the interests of CPAs are being afforded full consideration in the Capital, the MICPA tracks legislation that is highly relevant to the profession. Legislation we are currently tracking can be seen below, as well as any recently enacted laws that significantly affect the profession. Bill language is also available courtesy of the Michigan Legislature's website.

Enacted Laws

  • PA 81 of 2018

    An act to revise, consolidate, and classify the laws regarding the regulation of certain occupations and to regulate certain persons and activities relative to those occupations; to create a board for each of those occupations;
  • Public Act 76 of 2016

    The legislation fixes a loophole that existed in Michigan statute as it relates to attest engagements. As previously written, non-CPAs were able to utilize proprietary professional standards to perform an attest engagement, a service that is relied upon by citizens, businesses and levels of government across our great state.

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