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Why should you join the MICPA?

Membership allows you to focus on your profession because the MICPA gives you exactly what you need, when and where you need it, to stay up to date and ahead of the curve.

The MICPA grows you as a professional

  • Get insight into the latest trends and understanding of where the profession is going next

  • Gain connections, mentoring, and support from people with the experience, knowledge, and wisdom to help advance your career and do your job with excellence

  • Elevate your skills and get the training you need to keep your CPA license current

The MICPA builds the CPA brand (for all CPAs)

  • We help the public appreciate and understand how important CPAs are to our economy, government, and society so that the CPA profession is more in demand and more valuable

  • We advocate for the CPA profession at the federal and state levels, building the financial framework for society at large and making it easier to do your job well


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