Why the Financial Services Industry Started Tweeting

by Kimberly Palmer | Jul 31, 2015   ()

As the managing director of trading for TD Ameritrade, part of Nicole Sherrod’s job is to send tweets from her @TDANSherrod handle to interact with clients. While the company runs its official account from the @TDAmeritrade handle, Sherrod says the marketing department also wanted someone to “humanize our brand more and give people a face to interact with.”

As a result, she spends time tweeting and posting almost every day, including on weekends. “Twitter is such a tremendous community within our space. It’s allowed me to have an even closer relationship with my clients and to know them better,” she says. “They continue to post content all weekend, so you can see them with their kids and what they’re doing, and the same for me – they see what I’m doing after hours, and it allows you to build that relationship.”


Source: U.S. News & World Report

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