Why saving and investing should be a habit

by Elizabeth MacBride | Oct 15, 2015   ()

Many investors could be scared of market volatility right now. But those that allow the fear to keep them from investing or to force them out of the market are making a mistake. If you wait and miss the rebound, you're like to miss out on a lot of gains. And in any kind of market, said Burt Malkiel, the famous economist, the move that gives you the best odds of getting rich is the most basic: Start investing.

Burt Malkiel has spent a lifetime preaching two ideas to American investors to help them get rich: Eschew active management and invest in index funds, and save and invest regularly. On the first, there's been some progress. About a third of investors own an equity index mutual fund, according to the Investment Company Institute.

On the second, the American people get a big fat F.

Source: CNBC
Source: CNBC

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