New CPA Exam, Fraudulent Phone Calls, Members Advisory Symposium, and more

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AICPA Announces Next Version of CPA Exam, Testing to Begin April, 2017 
The next version of the Uniform CPA Examination will increase emphasis on higher-order analysis and evaluation skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving and analytical ability, and include additional task-based simulations. Launch date is April 1, 2017. READ MORE

Michigan Treasury Warns of Fraudulent Phone Calls
In an effort to combat potential income tax fraud The Michigan Department of Treasury is cautioning taxpayers of fraudulent phone calls being made from a “spoofing” phone number, which appears to come from Treasury’s Sterling Heights office with a 586 area code. READ MORE

Mark Your Calendar: Members Advisory Symposium on May 4
The popular Members Advisory Symposium is coming up soon: May 4 in Livonia. Be sure to join us to connect with peers and discuss important issues facing the profession. The program will include AICPA President Barry Melancon and MICPA President Peggy Dzierzawski and other top speakers.

April is Financial Literacy Month
Like the MICPA on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for helpful tips and articles you can share during our 30 Days of Financial Literacy campaign.

Tweet “CPA Truth” to Help Consumers Understand the Value of a CPA
In this competitive environment, during tax season and beyond, you can use these Tweets to help consumers understand the true value of CPAs. These CPA Truth reminders highlight the qualifications and service standards that define and differentiate CPAs.

FASB Updates
The Financial Accounting Standards Board issued new guidance on employee share-based payment accounting. READ MORE

GASB Guidance Addresses Irrevocable Split-Interest Agreements
The Governmental Accounting Standards Board issued recognition and measurement guidance for governments that benefit from irrevocable split-interest agreement. READ MORE

IRS Updates Depreciation Limits for Automobiles
New guidance from the IRS updates the limitations on depreciation deductions for new automobiles. READ MORE

Tax Design Challenge Begins April 17; Public Invited to Imagine Taxpayer Experience of the Future
The IRS announced its first Tax Design Challenge, a three-week competition between April 17 and May 10, to encourage innovative ideas for the taxpayer experience of the future. The competition seeks designs for an online experience to better organizs and present a person’s tax information. READ MORE

Feed the Pig Campaign Launches New PSA Campaign
The AICPA’s Financial Literacy Campaign, Feed the Pig, is known for its funny PSAs, which promote the importance of financial awareness and financial literacy for young adults. You can check out the newest video PSAs and feel free to share on your social media channels.

Comparing Data Among Peers Serves as Powerful Tool for Not-For-Profits
By participating in benchmarking studies, not-for-profits can identify areas of growth and strengthen their organizations. These six steps outlined in AICPA Insights can help them get started. READ MORE

Source: MICPA
Source: MICPA

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