Notice to MICPA Members from Treasury SUW Tax Section

by MICPA | Sep 20, 2016   ()

The Michigan Department of Treasury’s Sales, Use and Withholding (SUW) Tax Section is in the process of completing its 2015 annual return processing.  Ninety-nine percent of the returns received thus far have been processed. 

During the month of August, the SUW section began issuing reminder letters to those taxpayers missing the required annual return. We have learned that in some instances, the taxpayer had attempted to file the annual return but made one or more filing mistakes that caused the return to be incorrectly posted and not readily identifiable by the processing system. 

To ensure accurate receipt of filings, please:

1.  Do NOT add extra numbers or letters to the FEIN or TR number inputted on the return.  Taxpayers should input the precise FEIN or TR number only.  Do not include any numbers or letters that may be associated with the sales tax license OR the taxpayer’s social security number.

2.  Use the correct form.  Annual returns submitted for tax year 2015 and forward must use Form 5081.  Annual returns submitted for tax year 2014 and prior must use Form 165.

The SUW Section will soon issue notices of computed assessments to those taxpayers who have not filed their annual returns.   

Finally, we encourage you to use Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) to file and pay SUW taxes. This system has been significantly improved since its original launch and throughout this year, SUW section staff members have presented general navigation instruction and they have discussed upcoming MTO changes during MICPA continuing education workshops.  

Treasury is planning additional MTO enhancements in September 2016 and January 2017 that will include W-2 upload capability, error messaging, ADA compliance and automation of the gas credit refund form.  For more information about MTO, please visit:

Source: MICPA
Source: MICPA

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