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General Election in Michigan
November 8, 2016 brought all Michigan state representatives before the voters.
Of the 110, seats the Republicans enjoyed a 63-47 seat majority prior to the election. Almost every expert predicted the majority for the Republicans to shrink, but in results that were unprecedented for a presidential election, Republicans maintained every seat of their 63-47 majority. Two incumbent CPAs held their seats in the state legislature. Chris Afendoulis, CPA in Grand Rapids Twp. won by a substantial margin of over 17,000 votes to secure his second term. Martin Howrylak, CPA won his third general election in the Oakland County based seat of Troy and Clawson by over 6,000 votes. The results of this election guarantee Republican control of both chambers of the Michigan Legislature for the remainder of Governor Rick Snyder’s term in office. For more information on any elections, including those at the local and county level, check

MICPA Working with Treasury on Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Expanding upon numerous efforts with the Michigan Department of Treasury, the MICPA was invited to the table to provide comment on the recently revised draft of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights in Michigan. These rules are promulgated by the Department and have the effect of law in determining the rights of a taxpayer in Michigan. Members of the MICPA State and Local Tax Task Force as well as the Small Practitioners Task Force have worked diligently to represent CPAs of every scope and size. The workgroup is still in the process of providing comment and will continue to provide MICPA members with updates on their work.

Practitioner Hotline Undergoing Review
The Michigan practitioner hotline has been a frustrating experience for many MICPA members over the years. Recently, Treasury began to analyze the performance of its taxpayer advocate office and in doing so, contacted the MICPA to create a workgroup of individuals with experience utilizing the hotline. Through one meeting, MICPA members provided thoughtful feedback on the taxpayer advocates office as well as the shortcoming of the hotline. Work continues with this group and the MICPA is looking for your feedback! If you have thoughts or concerns on the practitioner hotline, please email Shane Barry in our government relations department at

Grain Dealers and the Farm Produce Insurance Acts- Updates
Governor Rick Snyder, CPA recently signed Public Acts 263 and 264, which amended the Grain Dealers and the Farm Produce Insurance Acts. One provision of PA 263 amends the Grain Dealers Act by requiring a financial statement to include a statement or a letter from the certified public accountant. This statement or letter must acknowledge that the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) relies on the financial statement in determining whether the grain dealer met the allowable net asset requirement in Section 3(3) of the Grain Dealer Act, MCL 285.63(3). This is a current requirement for all grain dealers that file an application for licensure.

Based upon a letter sent out by MDARD August 31, the MICPA and several members contacted the Department to relay some concerns. This PDF provides a summary of the issues and our current resolution. If you have any questions, email Shane Barry at

MICPA PAC and Our Efforts
As we close the books on 2016, we want to thank all the supporters of the MICPA Political Action Committee (MICPA PAC). As an election year, 2016 presented many spending pressures for the PAC and the contributions made by over 1,200 of our members will directly benefit all of those who utilize the CPA credential. If you have contributed in the past and haven’t yet made your contribution in 2016, or want to support the strength of your profession for the first time, there’s still time to contribute! Call the government relations department at 248.267.3710 or visit

Have a Question, Comment or Concern?
Share your thoughts with us. If you have questions involving communications with the Department of Treasury or UIA, renewing your CPA license or general inquiries about the profession, please feel free to contact the MICPA government relations department at 248.267.3710 or by email at

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Source: MICPA

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