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Changes Introduced for CPA Licensure
The MICPA has finalized language to address the following topics:
  1. Firm Mobility
  2. CPE Reciprocity
  3. Education requirements to sit for the Uniform CPA Exam
  4. CPE Carry-over in statute
  5. Ethics CPE in statute
The MICPA has worked closely with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and the AICPA to ensure these changes are supported by all stakeholders. Bill sponsor Representative Brandt Iden (R-Oshtemo) introduced the legislation, House Bill 5236 on November 8. MICPA will be working closely with the bill sponsor’s office to usher the measures through the legislative process. Stay current on the bill's activity by clicking here.
Date Changes for CPA License Renewal

For the 2021 relicensure cycle, the State of Michigan will initiate a change to the expiration of a CPA license. Currently, CPA licenses in Michigan have a renewal date of 7/31 in the CPE reporting/renewal year and an expiration of 12/31 (e.g. 7/31/2017 and 12/31/2017). Due to the confusion surrounding the renewal and expiration dates of CPA licenses, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will be simplifying that process to execute both functions, renewal and expiration, on the same date. For the CPE reporting/renewal year of 2021, CPA licenses will need to be renewed by 7/31 and will also expire if not renewed by 7/31. This change is crucial for all CPAs to understand, operating without a license could result in fines and loss of practice privileges.
Informal Conference Alternative Resolution Legislation Passes House
MICPA members worked collaboratively with Treasury to create improvements to the Informal Conference Process in Michigan. A joint workgroup was ultimately able to compromise on legislation in the form of House Bill 4976 which the MICPA is supporting through the legislative process. The legislation, sponsored by Representative Jim Tedder (R – Clarkston), Chair of the House Tax Policy Committee, has overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives 102-6 and now moves on to the Senate to await further action.

Michigan Department of Transportation – Performance Audits Finalized
After years of creating a voice in Lansing removed from partisanship, the MICPA is increasingly sought out by departments of state government for our members’ objective analysis and expertise in a multitude of areas.
For example, Public Act 298 of 2012 allows the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to require local agencies to engage an auditor to conduct a performance audit of whether it has expended funds in compliance with Act 51. The MICPA’s newest efforts have been with the Department of Transportation in crafting a sample performance audit report. MICPA members from many firms came to the table with MDOT to craft a solution to some of the ambiguities in the law. The MICPA has created a sample report that satisfies the requirements of the Public Act and MDOT so members have a clear understanding of the requirements under Act 51.

Collaborative Efforts with Treasury Continue
For two years, the MICPA has been reporting on workgroups engaged with the Department of Treasury. That progress continues to provide benefits to all taxpayers and practitioners in Michigan. The MICPA is currently engaged in a notification workgroup which has reviewed hundreds of notices that will be issued to taxpayers in 2017. This group has allowed for the department to issue clearer and more concise notices, but there’s still work to be done. If you have examples of notices you think could be improved upon, email them to so they can be reviewed by the workgroup in our constant effort to assist Michigan taxpayers.

Support Your Profession at the Policy Level – Contribute to the MICPA PAC
As a CPA, you work in a highly regulated profession where decisions made on a regular basis in Lansing affect your practice and livelihood. When you or your firm support the MICPA PAC, you’re helping to:
  • Build positive relationships in key areas of government
  • Educate lawmakers regarding issues important to the profession
  • Provide support to candidates for state office who uphold the interests of CPAs
  • Make your voice heard
To contribute today, head to, or simply add a PAC contribution when you return your annual MICPA membership dues.

Keep Up with Tax Reform
Keep up to date with all the latest developments regarding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Visit the MICPA's Tax Reform Resources page for news, important links, videos and podcasts pertaining to the bill. LEARN MORE

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