Don't Keep A Balance In Your Venmo Account

The days of digging up cash when you owe money to a friend or family member are long gone. But the way you use your favorite peer-to-peer payment app might not be the best move for your finances.

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The IR Framework Revision: Inspiring Better Integrated Reporting

The first-ever revision of the International IR Framework for integrated reporting is now underway.

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For CFOs It’s Not Enough To Do The Right Thing, You Must Be Seen Doing It

Chief financial Officers are financial stewards and often the public face of their companies’ performance as liaisons with Wall Street and regulators. To fulfill those responsibilities it’s critical for them to be seen as trustworthy, especially at a time when greater transparency is demanded of companies. Brad Buss, CFO at SolarCity Corporation, a subsidiary of Tesla Inc., said in an interview with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics that a CFO’s reputation is so important that “once it’s tarnished, you’re unemployable.”

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Appreciating The Accountants

Finding a good accountant is as integral to running a successful law practice as picking the right banking relationship or malpractice insurance provider.

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Accounting Profession Leaders Call For Action Against Climate Change

Leaders of the accounting profession across the world made a united stand Tuesday in calling for accountants to put their skills to work to help businesses fight climate change.

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Small Businesses Retain Workers With Wellness Perks

Every month, the 30 staffers at Chris Boehlke's public relations firm each get $100 to pay for anything that contributes to their wellness. And not just for typical expenditures like gym memberships or yoga classes.

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Are You Ready For Generation Z?

Generation Z is Coming! Gen Zs, who began entering the workforce in 2019, present both challenges and opportunities for chief financial officers and their teams. Organizations that recognize this generation’s unique skill sets and that are willing to invest the time and energy to allow them to flourish will have access to a talent pool that represents the most technologically advanced in history. The first generation raised on social media is also the most racially diverse group in US history; two additional benefits for any company that chooses to embrace the future.

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CPAs Need To Watch These Health Care Pricing Rules

Health care costs in the United States are usually shrouded in mystery for consumers, who often have little idea what charges are coming for care and few ways to shop around to get the best deal.

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New GASB Standard Addresses

Issues for state and local governments related to lease accounting, other post-employment benefits (OPEB), and other topics were addressed Wednesday in an omnibus standard issued by GASB.

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Here’s Your Open Thread For The First CPA Exam Score Release Of Q1 2020

Is it just me or does this seem kinda late to be the first CPA exam score release of 2020? Whatever, it’s on time so there’s that

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