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The Excellence in Accounting Award recognizes an outstanding CPA firm or accounting team within a company that has made significant strides within their organization to benefit the accounting profession, their clients/customers or the community. This might include implementation of innovative technologies, added value to clients/customers, positive impacts on the community, etc. At least one individual of the firm or company must be an MICPA member. Self-nominations are encouraged!


The nomination deadline is Friday, June 9, 2023.


Selection Criteria Considered:

  • Benefits of innovative ideas or technologies implemented
  • Collaboration with other teams showcasing the value of the accounting team as part of the company
  • Impact the firm or accounting team has had on the community
  • Client/customer satisfaction or added value



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Please explain, using specific examples, why this CPA firm or accounting team meets each of the above criteria.

You can submit additional information via email to tjames@micpa.org.