Topical Thoughts from MICPA President & CEO, Bob Doyle What About...Bob?

With degrees in engineering, management and a master’s in communications, Bob pivoted from a career
at GM to the world of associations before finding his calling as the MICPA’s President and CEO. Learn more about Bob by reading this feature article in MICPA Connections.

Catch up on what Bob has to say:

Our May-June Guide to Professional Development is titled “Resilience - Curiosity. Grit. Adaptability.” If there is anything that CPAs have shown in the past year, it’s their resiliency! 

Sometimes to move forward it helps to consider where you’ve been, how you’ve changed over time, and where you are now before you determine where you’d like to be. This year, as we celebrate 120 years, we’re looking back on the profession’s triumphs and achievements and recognizing the challenging circumstances of the past in which we’ve prevailed. If the last year has taught us anything, it is that life as we know it can change in a moment’s time… but we are indeed resilient. And you have shown that. 

Resilience does not mean that people don’t experience stress or hardship. But it means that when we face times of adversity we innovate, we collaborate, and we emerge stronger than ever. We analyze situations and reframe them, we pivot, and we overcome. 

As business leaders and trusted advisors, resiliency is critical to leading individuals and organizations to future success. And as we chart our way forward into the next 120 years of service, we’re here to arm you with the skills and information you need to adapt and thrive. 

We have a great lineup of courses for you over the next couple of months to meet your educational and developmental needs. To kick off May, I am especially excited for our virtual MICPA Professional Issues Update (formerly known as the Members Advisory Symposium) coming up on May 4, with a replay on May 27. This event is complimentary for all members. And then we end the educational season with our brand-new conference, Elevate, on June 30 (formerly our Management Information & Business Show) with four tracks of great courses and amazing speakers to take your learning to the next level. We focus on providing solutions to, and increasing resilience for, CPAs, firms, and their clients in times of change and uncertainty. 

Thank you for participating in our learning this year. I look forward to seeing you (virtually) there! 

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