Topical Thoughts from MICPA President & CEO, Bob Doyle What About...Bob?

With degrees in engineering, management and a master’s in communications, Bob pivoted from a career
at GM to the world of associations before finding his calling as the MICPA’s President and CEO. Learn more about Bob by reading this feature article in MICPA Connections.

Catch up on what Bob has to say:

As we celebrate the season of gratitude beginning this Thanksgiving holiday, we reflect on its very essence rooted in the joy of connection, the power of community, and the goodness of life.

I know that as we surround ourselves with cherished friends and family – each of our gatherings will be different and reflective of our individual lives and customs. But I also know what will be the same at our tables – and that is a mindset of gratitude – as we express in words and deeds – the many ways we are blessed.

I encourage all of you to use the holiday to take a well-deserved respite from work. When I had the privilege of becoming the MICPA president and CEO, I shared three pillars that has shaped my leadership philosophy – and those are Joy, Trust, and Innovation.

The Thanksgiving holiday gives us the chance to focus on the Joy pillar. I find it interesting that Joy is not often thought of as being important in a work culture. Yet, I believe it’s essential, and by embracing the spirit of joy in your workplace, it will inevitably transfer into your personal lives. The balance is so very important and one which provides for a rich and fulfilling quality of life.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic has touched the lives of many of our members – and this Thanksgiving holiday, for some, will be markedly different from those of years past. Please know that I have kept each of our members affected by the pandemic in my prayers.

I have much to be grateful for this year, most importantly, my family. Their enduring love and support greatly enrich my life. I am also thankful for the contributions you bring to our association. Your ambitious passion for learning new and creative business approaches is what makes the MICPA such a vital resource.

As I reflect on the true nature of Thanksgiving – perhaps its most valuable lesson is to inspire us to keep the focus of gratitude all year long.

Please enjoy this time to relax, surround yourself with people who bring you joy, and know that your membership in the MICPA is greatly valued.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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