File an Ethics Complaint

Before filing a State of Complaint it is recommended to first contact the CPA or their firm about your complaint to determine whether the matter can be settled.

File an Ethics Complaint

Instructions to Complainant: Up to four additional documents supporting your complaint may be uploaded below, if you need to submit more than four, or if you have questions regarding Statements of Complaint please contact the MICPA directly at 248.267.3700. If you would rather mail your complaint, the form can be downloaded here.

Please be aware that the MICPA has jurisdiction only in matters that pertain to its members.


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If you submit this complaint anonymously you will not receive a notification of resolution.

Complaint Information

Have you contacted the above-named member or company in writing regarding your complaint?
Have you filed a claim with any state agency, or started any civil or criminal actions?
What is your goal in filing this complaint?

If you have any supporting documents please contact the MICPA directly at 248.267.3700 to submit them to investigators.

I grant my full permission for the release of all relevant information and records to the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) for its use in the review of my complaint.

The MICPA Professional Ethics Committee and the Professional Ethics Division of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), under the guise of the Joint Ethics Enforcement Program (JEEP), coordinate investigations of complaints filed against MICPA members and/or AICPA members.

Upon review of a Statement of Complaint, an MICPA Professional Ethics Committee Investigator will assess whether a violation of the AICPA's Code of Professional Conduct may have been committed. If there is a perceived violation, the complainant and the respondent will be notified that an investigation has begun. The complainant may be asked to provide additional information throughout the investigative process before a final decision is made.

Information submitted to the Professional Ethics Committee is strictly confidential and only accessible to Ethics Committee members and staff liaisons. Only cases that result in member suspension, termination or formal admonishment will become public record.

The MICPA Professional Ethics Committee recommends complaints filed with MICPA/AICPA also be filed with the State of Michigan. For additional information on filing a complaint with the State, contact the Michigan State Board of Accountancy at 517.241.9249.