Legislative Tracking

To make sure the interests of CPAs receive full consideration in the Capital, the MICPA tracks legislation that is highly relevant to the profession. The legislation we are currently tracking can be seen below, as well as any recently enacted laws that significantly affect the profession. Bill language is also available courtesy of the Michigan Legislature's website.

Currently Tracking

  • House Bill 5092 (Lori Stone – D) Employment Security: administration; plain language; require the unemployment agency to use in communications and determinations.
  • House Bill 5601 (Matt Hall - R) Corporate Income Tax: credit for qualified research and development expenses
  • House Bill 6229 (John Damoose - R) Individual Income Tax: returns; extension of filing deadline to income taxes under certain circumstances
  • House Bill 6286 (Andrew Beeler - R) Corporate Income tax: flow- through entities; dates to make election to pay the tax and submit certain information; modify
  • House Bill 5080 (Pat Outman - R) Sales tax: exemptions; delivery and installation
  • House Bill 5081 (Kevin Coleman - D) Use tax: exemptions; delivery and installation

Contribute to PAC

A contribution to the MICPA Political Action Committee (PAC), ensures that the interests of the profession are represented in Lansing!