5 Ways to Celebrate International Accounting Day

Tomorrow, Nov. 10, is International Accounting Day, but have you thought of ways to celebrate? If not, the MICPA has some ideas! Check out our top 5 ways to celebrate the accountants and CPAs in your life and/or organization!

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Fraudulent Expectations

Scam artists are growing more sophisticated every year, but not all organizations are managing to keep their security measures apace. Find out how you can keep you and your client’s data protected as new threats continually emerge.

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Bracing for Tax Season 2022

Experts agree that the 2022 tax season will be just as complex as the previous two, given the many tax code provisions included in recent (and potentially upcoming) federal pandemic relief legislation. Get the MICPA’s top strategies for preparing yourself and your clients for the tax season ahead.

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Are You Ready for Windows 11?

Earlier this month, Microsoft officially released its highly anticipated Windows 11 as a free upgrade to those who meet the criteria for eligibility. The release presents the largest overhaul to the operating system’s interface since Windows 8 but, more importantly, adds massive security updates. Find out if you’re ready for the upgrade as the MICPA breaks down some of the top considerations for those still on the fence.

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Can Your Organization Press the Decelerator on Turnover?

Recent studies confirm that turnover remains at unprecedented highs following a year of burnout and uncertainty. Businesses are strategizing their recruitment and retention playbooks, but are they considering the right factors?

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Wilmar Suan: Answering the Call to Serve

Wilmar Suan credits the CPA profession for opening many philanthropic doors. "We are a highly respected profession, and that trust resonates strongly in the Filipino community. I was raised to believe that we should never let an opportunity to do good pass us by. Being a CPA has made it possible for me to do more good than I had imagined possible." It's a two-way street for Wilmar, who also gives back to the profession he loves. "Everyone is so generous with their knowledge and quick to help. I'm proud to be part of my CPA community." With all that he's accomplished, there's little doubt that the CPA community is proud to call Wilmar one of their own as well.

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Gary Robb: Shifting Gears Mid-Career

Economic downturns are more than just money, something MICPA member Gary Robb, CPA, knows all too well having graduated with his master’s degree in human resources in 2008. Quickly seeing a need to shift gears, Gary jumped paths, earning a master’s in accounting and passing the CPA Exam by 2011. Find out how one sharp left paved the road for Gary to find Common Ground between community service and professional growth as the MICPA continues its CPA Appreciation Day October celebration!

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Hiring in 2021 and Beyond: Finance & Accounting Edition

Last week, the MICPA broke down the hottest trends in hiring amid the “Great Recession,” specifically perks, benefits and other expectations in demand by today’s workforce. This week, we take a closer look at what trends are impacting the finance and accounting industry in particular, particularly what sectors are hiring the most, most desirable skills and CFO areas of focus.

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Leading Through Crisis

2021 MICPA Public Service Award honoree, Jamie Lopiccolo, CPA, and founder of Capocore Professional Advisors proved his adaptability by quickly pivoting his focus during the onset of the pandemic to focus on the needs of small business owners and other CPAs. As we continue showing our appreciation for CPAs throughout the month of October, find out how Jamie went above and beyond to ensure he could provide reliable guidance to his clients, community and fellow CPAs in their time of need.

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Bridging the Expectations Gap: Trends in Post-Pandemic Recruiting

In a recent study published by Robert Half, employers and employees discussed their expectations on salaries, benefits and the future of remote work. The MICPA breaks down key considerations for fostering a competitive edge in a post-pandemic business world in two parts.

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