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MICPA Announces 2021 Awards

You sent us your nominees, the MICPA Award Committee convened, and we are now pleased to present the 2021 MICPA Award honorees. Join us as we recognize those professionals that rose to the challenges of the past year through remarkable contributions and dedication. Without further ado, this year’s winners are…

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Why Others Decided to Protect What’s Important

As life changes, so do the requirements for life insurance. In a recent customer survey, The Paul Goebel Group examined the many reasons other MICPA members have reconsidered their coverage and made changes to their policies throughout various life events.

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International Literacy Day 2021: Bridging the Divide in Your Neighborhood

As International Literacy Day approaches, the MICPA revisits the importance of keeping literacy relevant, even in a world surround by seemingly unlimited access to reading. Find out how you can make a difference in an issue that continues to be a human rights concern for more than 30 million American adults and 750 million people worldwide.

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Have You Protected What’s Most Important?

It is not uncommon for financial advisors to assist their clients with planning everything from budgets to estates, but what about ensuring their own protection? The Paul Goebel Group discusses the importance of remembering to think about your own plan for the future, specifically how insurance is a smart choice for your life, right now.

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Corporate Ladder Actually More Like a Lattice

Climbing the corporate ladder has been replaced with scaling the corporate lattice, a nonlinear career development model to which today’s business world is rapidly attempting to align. The MICPA explores what has been driving the shift (aside from the obvious) and how companies can work to get up to speed with a workforce that values purpose over influence.

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Aquinas College Certification Program Deadline Looms

Non-accounting graduates now comprise more than a third of new hires in public accounting, working to implement new technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence and data analysis. The Accounting Department at Aquinas College Certification Program grants a unique edge to professionals seeking to improve their efficacy in the accounting profession. As the deadline to register for this year’s program approaches, those interested in gaining their certification should consider if this option is right for them before applications close.

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Night Owl, Early Bird or a Bit of Both?

Or an early-rising morning star? There are benefits and risks to both lifestyles, but the debate over which is better has little to do with when you choose to fall asleep. The MICPA explores the pros and cons of each, and just which practice is the ideal.

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Michigan Treasury Online News & Updates

On August 17, 2021, Microsoft stops supporting the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser. Therefore, all previously supported versions of IE (11 and higher) are incompatible with Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) as of this date. To prevent security risks and avoid performance issues, access to MTO is available through one of the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari.

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SBA Announces Plan to Open Supplemental Grants for Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Applicants

Today, the U.S. Small Business Administration is announcing a call to all eligible Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVOG) applicants seeking economic aid for live entertainment small businesses, nonprofits, and venues. New applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. PT on Friday, August 20, 2021.

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Reform In Sight for U.S. Transfer Pricing?

Current litigation involving 3M and Coca-Cola could bring about change on the topic of blocked income and transfer pricing. To help us unravel what this could mean for financial advisors and firms with clients that face these issues, member of KPMG's Detroit Tax Practice, Bob Alltop weighs in with his advice.

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