7 Tips to Keep Client Data Safe During this Work-from-Home Tax Season

To keep client data safe when working from home this tax season, it is important to understand potential risks when sharing information electronically, and how to manage these risks effectively. Consider the following.

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MICPA Ethics Committee Chair Honored as Top Thought Leader in 2021

As we continue to introduce our members to one another, this week the MICPA recognizes its Ethics Committee Chair Susan E. Bos, CMA, CPA, CFE. The Trust Across America Top Thought Leaders in Trust Awards honor those whose efforts significantly increase societal trust and have honored Susan in its 11th season for her contributions through years of dedicated service.

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White House Prioritizes Smallest Businesses With Remaining PPP Funds

Throughout the pandemic U.S. policy makers have worked to mitigate the economic impact of nationwide shutdowns to the business community. However, in their attempt to ensure emergency funding is distributed to those that need it, certain measures to mitigate fraud and equitably assign Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans resulted in many struggling businesses getting passed over. Yesterday, President Biden announced new measures to ensure the smallest businesses in America have access to funds.

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Five Banana Breads to Make Your Tuesday Tastier

Today is National Banana Bread Day, in case you didn’t already know, and the MICPA has tracked down five of the highest rated banana breads across the web. Celebrate this multifaceted treat and discover the loaf of your life with these a-peeling banana bread recipes!

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Taking Workplace Bullying Seriously

It’s a bit harsh for the average workplace. But the strength of that message gets the point across quite clear, and workplace bullying and just plain old bad behavior still exists – even with remote work. Instead, recognize it, document it, and correct it.

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How Legislative Committees Can Impact the CPA Profession Part 2

Recently announced were the committee assignments for Michigan’s 101st legislative session. While the makeup of the House committees saw new faces and leadership, Senate committees remain the same. Discover who sits on these committees, and how, for example, the Senate Finance and Regulatory Reform Committees can impact our profession.

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The Top 5 Things 2020 Taught Us About Remote Work

Back in March 2020, when more than 40 percent of Americans began commuting to their kitchen tables and makeshift home office nooks, few believed they'd still be there now, nearly a year later. And yet, here we are.

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Working Families, Individuals Eligible for Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit

LANSING, Mich. – Working families and individuals with low to moderate income may be able to receive Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

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10 Ways to Overcome Stress and Become a Mature Business Leader

One of the most valuable attributes of a good business professional and leader is to be able to control emotional outbursts, to maximize your credibility and respect, and to maintain your own health.

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2021 Report on FINRA’s Examination and Risk Monitoring Program

This Report on FINRA’s Risk Monitoring and Examination Activities (the Report) is designed to inform member firms’ compliance programs by providing annual insights from FINRA’s ongoing regulatory operations. For selected regulatory obligations, the Report: (1) identifies the applicable rule and key related considerations for member firm compliance programs, (2) summarizes noteworthy findings from recent examinations and outlines effective practices that FINRA observed during its oversight, and (3) provides additional resources that may be helpful to member firms.

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