Was Your Database Hacked? Here's What to Do.

Cyber wellness means being proactive in your approach to cyber security – not just reacting after an attack.



In recent years, we’ve seen our public health systems shift from reactive mode to proactive – focusing on preventing illness rather than just responding to disease outbreaks when they happen. Cyber wellness is about taking preventive steps in multiple dimensions of cyber defense, enabling effective governance in addition to responding to threats and attacks.  

Accounting firms need to:

1.  Create Security Incident Response Plans that Consider Both Public Relations and Legal Issues

An incident response plan helps to identify, respond to and recover from cyber security incidents. The objective of an incident response plan is to prevent damages such as service outages, data loss or theft and illicit access to organizational systems. 

An incident response plan is not complete without a team who can carry it out. Team members are the point people for the incident – they’re responsible for communicating with internal partners as well as external parties, such as legal counsel, press, law enforcement, customers and other stakeholders. In order for the incident response team to be effective, they need senior partner support, consistent testing and clear communication channels.

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Source: Accounting Web

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