Finance Leaders Drive Performance in These Three Areas

New survey reveals how the finance function impacts operations, technology, and talent



With the help of significant investments in technology, CFOs have been able to expand their focus from traditional concerns — primarily financial integrity of the business and risk management — to areas impacting enterprise performance.

The majority of CFOs are well positioned to take a broader role in managing enterprise performance. In a recent survey conducted by CFO Research, in collaboration with FTI Consulting’s Office of the CFO Solutions practice, nearly 90% of those surveyed (including CFOs themselves) say their firm’s CFO currently plays key roles in supporting operations performance management, technology strategy and talent development.

But finance professionals can’t simply be content with reporting on performance. The goal is to influence business outcomes. One survey respondent wrote: “CFOs need a bigger role in business transformations; they need to be seen as a catalyst for change.

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Source: CFO

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