5 Ways to Market Your Services on a Small Budget

Marketing can be a challenge for any accounting firm, especially if your budget is small. Oct 21st 2019



The good news for even the smallest firms is that your marketing budget doesn’t need to be huge to have a big impact. Here are five ways to market your services on a small or limited budget:

1. Utilize Hashtags in Social Media Posts

All of the major social media platforms use hashtags: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and even LinkedIn. In case you aren’t familiar with hashtags, they’re a word or group of words after a pound sign (like #taxpro or #accountinghumor). Using the pound sign before the words turns them into a searchable link and allows people to follow a discussion topic.

For example, if you want to see what people said about this year’s Boomer Technology Circles Summit, you can search for #BTCSummit2019 on Twitter or click on a hashtag to see all of the posts that mention the subject in real-time.

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Source: Accounting Web

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