The Freelance Revolution Is Here

Is Your Organization Ready?



These days, more and more organizations are benefiting from the advantages of a   new workforce architecture, the flexible blended workforce. Unlike traditional staffing models, the flexible blended workforce is designed to do exactly what it says: to flex in size up or down, and quickly add functional expertise and experience by supplementing the organization’s full-time staff with project based freelancers working together, sometimes on site and often remotely.   

Does your organization need a team of top software developers with blockchain expertise to accelerate brining a new application to market? Or a talent management expert to implement a more effective performance management system? Or, as Norwegian Air has done, expand your pilot cohort with freelance pilots? Through digital talent marketplaces, organizations can rapidly expand their ranks with the skill and specific experience needed, and hire only as much of the freelancer’s time is needed to achieve the goal.

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Source: Forbes

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