Andrew Brisbo to Speak at MICPA Cannabis Summit

Governor Whitmer to lead the MRA



The Executive Director of Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA), Andrew Brisbo, is set to speak at the MICPA cannabis summit in Grand Rapids on January 16, 2020. Brisbo, who served as the licensing division director for LARA for six years, was appointed by Governor Whitmer to lead the MRA, the recently renamed Bureau of Marijuana Regulation, which oversees several aspects of Michigan's marijuana laws. The agency is heading the effort to position Michigan as the national model for a marijuana regulatory program that not only facilitates business growth, but also maintains consumer safety.

Brisbo brings to the MRA over 14 years of regulatory experience with past roles on the Michigan Gaming Control Board and inside the Department of State. For six years in his role as licensing director, Andrew oversaw and helped craft the regulatory structure for CPAs in Michigan, giving him a unique insight to the demands of the industry. For the past three years, Brisbo has been on the frontline of Michigan’s rapidly evolving marijuana landscape. His knowledge of the legal and regulatory nuances regarding the marijuana industry will create an invaluable experience for MICPA members attending the Cannabis Summit in January.

Dubbed the referee of Michigan’s marijuana industry by MLive earlier this year1, Brisbo’s decisions regarding the implementation of recreational marijuana laws will have long-term impact on its retail industry in our state. “He has a very important role,” Detroit cannabis lawyer, Matt Abel, claims. “He [Brisbo] will make a lot of decisions that will affect people’s lives with the medical program and business licensing.”

Indeed, businesses intending to enter Michigan’s marijuana industry require the attestation of a licensed CPA, and staying ahead of changing regulations is imperative for industry professionals. Know what to expect in 2020, and be the advisor your clients, new and old, need to guide them through these murky waters. Get the facts from Brisbo himself at the Cannabis Summit in Grand Rapids, January 16, 2020.

Source: MLive (2019), specifically, “Meet the referee of Michigan’s marijuana industry.”

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