Should You Offer Larger Accounting Solutions as Your Niche?

Mid-market clients are not afraid to spend money



Growing and complex businesses recognize what future growth looks like and will invest where it counts so they can achieve their goals. These mid-market clients are not afraid to spend money to implement solutions in order to free up time so they can focus on customers and growing their business. They are also willing to pay for and accept advice to ensure they are making the right decisions. 

To be clear, or should I say, “unclear,”  you should know that there is no set definition of the middle-market or mid-market companies. Some authorities look to revenue, while other sources regard either asset size or the number of employees as the metric. So, research your own definition of mid-market. My definition usually falls under the categories of "growing" and "complex."

Did you know that there are many successful accounting firms that specialize in larger accounting solutions as their niche? Why? Well, businesses that need the features in larger accounting solutions are usually high growth and high volume and have special support or reporting needs. Those types of clients are not afraid to pay a premium for an accountant to be on their team, collaborate with them, and provide high-level advisory services.

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Source: Accounting Web

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