Monetize clients while building their value

This is what CPAs should be focused on.



The client’s perceived value is not in compliance. It is in how they can use you to build the value of their business, help them make more money, give them time back to enjoy their life or free up time so they can implement their next vision.

If you are a partner in a CPA firm, you are an entrepreneur. In a large firm, it might be harder to quickly innovate. If you are in a regional to local practice, you can create new services, make investments in growth or staff, make pricing decisions, etc., and you can do that because you control your future.

Somewhere, many firms lost sight of the mission. The mission is not to address the compliance. Compliance is a task to accomplish that is part of the mission. The mission is to help the client build value. It is to provide their leadership with ideas and insight to increase margins, make progress toward their goals, evaluate opportunities, and help the client overcome obstacles.

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Source: Accounting Today

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