Changes in the CPA M&A World Post-Coronavirus

Firms are now reconsidering acceleration of an exit strategy



The crisis has not passed, but CPA merger and acquisition discussions are already increasing. Calls are coming in from firms that are not sure what to do. Firms we spoke with last year who were set are now reconsidering acceleration of their exit strategy or need to merge for growth or perhaps survival.

To gain some perspective let’s digest pre-COVID-19 CPA M&A. Several core factors had been in place. First, the average Baby Boomer was, and still is, about 65 years old. Second, small to midsized firms have been struggling to have the same technological advantages of larger firms. Third, the movement to a more consultative client base was, and still is, difficult for many firms. These factors are still causing discomfort for partners evaluating either their exit strategy or with their growth planning.

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Source: Accounting Today

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