Data Reveals the Truth About Remote Work & Productivity

Relax managers, it's good news.



There are lots of sensible reasons for managers to worry about how productive their teams are now that everyone who can is working from home. There's the perpetual concern that employees will goof off if they're not being watched, of course. But also anxiety about how the distractions of the crisis, new tech, and the need to care for loved ones may impact your team's ability to get stuff done.

Add this all up and it's no wonder many leaders are worried about how productive their people can realistically be at home. New data, however, suggests that when it comes to their remote set-up at least you can probably relax.

The reassuring data comes from RescueTime, a time management tool that monitors how you spend every minute of time on your computer so you can better optimize your day. At least that's what it does in normal times. In the current crisis, the app is all a powerful source of data on exactly what remote workers are doing all day.

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Source: Inc.

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