Finance’s Return To The Office

Major Considerations For CFOs



Time for economies to restart, states to reopen and businesses to re-emerge. And, of course, now employees will re-enter the office. Right?

Well, not so fast! This is much harder than it looks. No matter how one feels about the lockdown experience, the reality is it has changed peoples’ outlooks in many ways on many things. During a recent webinar conducted by my firm, nearly 78% of the participating executives noted that their experience working remotely was either more productive or about as productive as working in the office. That sounds compelling, as the specter of commuting two hours a day, filling crowded urban freeways and commuter trains, and witnessing a return of urban smog is not very attractive.

But is it sustainable? After all, 22% in this same poll said they were not as productive. Most people are social creatures at heart and working at home with kids, pets and other distractions, depending on their personal circumstances, may not work for them. Some may even feel isolated working from home and miss walking the halls in the office, interacting with their co-workers.

Still others may be indifferent to where they work from a productivity standpoint but are simply afraid to get out and may not be willing to admit it. The pandemic experience has preyed on the fears of people of all ages and in different ways. It is a matter of comfort level, considering the health, safety and well-being not only for themselves but their loved ones, as well. For them, social distancing protocols, washing hands and wearing masks may not be enough; in the absence of a vaccine, it may take time to elevate their comfort level.

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Source: Forbes

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