7 Ways To Grow Your Accounting Practice

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No one predicted this. No one saw 2020 shaping up the way it has. We didn’t choose this year, but for some reason, it chose us. Hopefully, you’ve moved through all the stages of grief and have accepted that life “is what it is.” We can reminisce about the “good old days,” but life has turned the page and given us a new chapter.

Things are good for a few of us. Bankruptcy experts and investors in Amazon or Home Depot are probably feeling pretty good. For the rest of us, not so much. During this season, chances are high your accounting practice has experienced some slowdown.

As an accounting professional, these are tough days. But that doesn’t mean your practice can’t grow during this season.

Yes, the economy is terrible. Yes, all the talking heads on TV seem to believe it will be bad for a while. But this doesn’t mean your practice is doomed to shrink during this season.

Now is the time for all business owners to think creatively. Now is the time to separate yourself from the competition. Now is the time to change things up, get out of your rut, and try something new.

To that end, I want to share some ideas that might inspire you. Here are seven ways you can keep growing your accounting practice, even in a down economy.

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Source: Accounting Today

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