Hiring & Managing Paraprofessionals In The Age Of Remote Work

Attracting the right candidates is key for remote or in person



As accounting firms refine their business strategies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely that paraprofessionals will loom large in their plans. There are few things more important today than an adaptable workforce — and paraprofessionals fit the bill. They can be full- or part-time, depending on your needs. They can work on-site, as remote employees and as contractors, giving you multiple options as part of a flexible staffing strategy.

Common specialties for paraprofessionals in accounting include:

  •     Accounting clerk
  •     Accounts payable/receivable
  •     Billing specialist
  •     Bookkeeper
  •     Payroll specialist

While these are essential and often demanding roles, paraprofessionals don’t require the same level of accreditation and licensing as a certified public accountant. Adding paraprofessionals to your staff, therefore, can streamline your firm’s processes and reduce costs. Here are some thoughts on how to build and manage a successful team of paraprofessionals.

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Source: CPA Practice Advisor

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