Addressing Concerns with Senate Bill 40



MICPA President & CEO Bob Doyle testified before the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee to express the CPA profession’s concerns with Senate Bill 40. The legislation would grant authority to the appointed Law Review Commission to evaluate all proposed legislation that would impact occupational licensing in Michigan. The CPA profession prides itself on the consistent standard of work that is provided across all 55 licensing jurisdictions, made possible through the Uniform Accountancy Act (UAA). Changing the standards in Michigan could inhibit Michigan CPAs from practicing across state lines without obtaining additional licensure. Senate Bill 40 would create additional hurdles for Michigan to adhere to the Uniform Accountancy Act (UAA) in state statute.

Additionally, the proposed legislation states “a program of certification does not prevent a noncertified individual from performing the lawful occupation of an individual who holds a certification for compensation, but that individual may not use the title certified”. Article 7 of the Occupational Code prohibits an individual from performing public accounting without appropriate certification and licensure.

As CPAs, you are qualified by education, examination and experience which elevate the level of service provided to the public. The general public will not understand that an individual performing public accounting without the title “certified” is not required to meet the same qualifications as a Certified Public Accountant and thus, expect the same quality of service from both individuals.  

The MICPA has proposed solutions to the profession’s concerns and is happy to continue to work with the bill sponsor to address them. We will continue to serve as the CPA voice in Lansing and work tirelessly to protect the profession.

Source: MICPA

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