How To Manage The Work When You Can’t See People Working

5 New Takes On Accountability



During these times when things are off kilter and out of balance, accountability has shifted as well. Great leaders have always known that managing by results, objectives and outcomes is better than managing based on people’s presence, but the coronavirus makes feedback and accountability more challenging. When people work from home, it can be tough to see output, manage the work and maintain relationships.  

In addition, people are in different situations in terms of their performance and their engagement. Some people report they are struggling to engage and get things done effectively. Others say they’re feeling especially motivated and busier than they were pre-pandemic. Many people have more discretion for how and when they get their work done. Meanwhile, leaders are being forced to manage from a distance—often without seeing people in person for weeks or months. For some this isn’t a shift, but for others it’s a sea change in terms of their style—because giving feedback and holding people accountable can be something leaders shy away from. These are critical however, if people and teams are to progress.

How do you manage work when you can’t see people working? It’s all about holding people accountable—and here are new ways to consider accountability:
Accountability Serves Fairness

As humans, we crave to know we’re being treated equitably and fairness is a social motivator. “In the workplace, we want to see that we’re all held accountable,” says Mika Liss, COO of the Neuroscience Leadership Institute. When we are held accountable and when we see others held accountable as well, it satisfies our need to feel like we’re being treated similarly to others. Pay attention to the results people generate and the outcomes they produce. Keep people and teams focused on what getting things done and meeting objectives.

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