6 Habits of 'Rebel Leadership'

That Most of Us Rarely Practice



It's undeniable that nearly everything will look different in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic -- including the face of leadership.

We're already experiencing a profound shift in the way leaders are showing up. A movement toward greater authenticity, courage, and compassion, not to mention a celebration of wholeheartedness when engaging with customers, communities, and employees. And our personal and professional lives are now more integrated than ever.

It's fair to say we're getting clear on what really matters and coming to a collective realization that there's a better way forward. The pandemic is a profound opportunity to reexamine the way we lead and work.

Shelley Paxton -- best-selling author of Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel's Guide to Finding Your Best Life -- believes we have an unprecedented opportunity to rewrite the script of success. Paxton says, "It starts with embracing Rebel Leadership."

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Source: INC.

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