Wolters Kluwer Offers Letters of Accountability to Taxpayers Stalled by 9/15 CCH Outage

E-filing problems plague some Sept. 15 tax returns


Last week, Wolter Kluwer CCH suffered an outage on Sept. 15 due to a technical issue stemming from CCH’s e-file system, according to the Journal of Accountancy. To make matters worse, practitioners were experiencing corrupted data issues with previously saved returns already prepped for filing. As Sept. 15 was a major deadline for several filers, including S corporations and partnerships, missing this deadline is potentially devastating to taxpayers already struggling with other pandemic-related issues.  

In response to concerns surrounding missed deadlines, Wolters Kluwer released the following statement on their website regarding the incident:  

We are taking steps to remedy the issues caused by the disruption with our electronic filing system. 

Please know that we have been in contact with the IRS regarding the situation on September 15th. It is our understanding that the nature of the disruption with our electronic filing system provides “reasonable cause” for any returns due on 9-15-20 but filed on 9-16-20 due to this issue and accordingly, those returns should be considered filed timely except for the running of interest on any tax payments that were due on 9-15-20. 

No further action should be required on those returns at this time. 

In the event that any of your clients receive a late filing notice, CCH is prepared to provide a letter supporting this reason for late filing. Customers may request the letter pursuant to the Abatement process. 

Prepare an email request and send it to: 

Insert your Firm Name / Abatement in the subject line 

Our dedicated internal Abatement Lead will reply directly to you 

We are also sending specific requests to all impacted jurisdictions and will provide additional guidance as we receive their feedback. 

We appreciate your continued patience as we work through this situation.” 

While this action taken by Wolter Kluwer is a step in the right direction toward mitigating any potential damage taxpayers may endure as a result of the outage, further guidance and relief may be necessary. The MICPA suggests all practitioners and taxpayers file their returns as soon as possible while the situation continues to unfold.

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Source: Journal Of Accountancy

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