Nine Surging Fintech Trends To Watch In 2021



With so many businesses and consumers relying on online transactions, the rise of financial technology has accelerated since the pandemic began. As remote operations stay in place for many companies and consumers adapt to—and embrace—technology to simplify their financial transactions, the growth in fintech is a trend that can be expected to continue.

From retail and banking to financial advisory services, it appears fintech will continue to transform the economy in the months ahead. Below, nine experts from Forbes Finance Council share the fintech trends they expect will rise in prominence in 2021.

1. Enhanced Digitization Of Operations

The banking sector faces another wave of transition in the Covid-19 environment and is being forced to further digitize operations. The first wave of digitization was customer-focused in response to fintechs being business-to-consumer-oriented. However, a significant workload lies ahead for incumbents in consolidating and automating their mid- and back-office procedures, which is a much more profound, complex and costly process. - Lucia Waldner, CC Trust Group AG

2. Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation will play a bigger role. We have successfully and effectively worked remotely but are facing increased pressure to save money in our operations through efficient and effective programs. If RPA can help save money on human capital, reduce fraud and processing errors, and get payment discounts, it is a strategy we must all embrace. - William Guerrero, Ithaca College

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