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For CPAs, learning new skills and expanding professional knowledge is a huge part of what makes financial advisors and accountants so adaptable, ready to meet any challenge. For anyone with the CPA credential, continuous learning is the path to staying ahead of the constant changes in policy, standards and technology that impact the profession. The challenges inherent to 2020 have led to unprecedented shifts in not just policy, but especially regarding how work is done in America. The MICPA recognized early on the challenges facing work within the profession and we have done our very best to not only shift our learning programs to a virtual format, but to ensure that the quality and value of our programs continue to improve despite circumstance.

As part of the efforts we have taken to continue providing our members with quality continuous learning opportunities, the MICPA is offering all members a free Winter Bonus Program. This program is one of many special opportunities we are providing our members to offset any loss of value they might feel in the absence of face-to-face experiences. The MICPA, its staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to innovate and provide additional ways for our members to learn and grow so we can continue to ensure they receive the best value for their dollar.

The free Winter Bonus Program, afforded to our members by sponsor dollars, will give members the opportunity to gain knowledge on a wide variety of timely and unique topics important to the profession while being able to create relationships with those sponsor organizations which may help provide resources to continue navigating these difficult times. Our thoroughly vetted curated content and speakers offer members a valuable virtual experience that surpasses the quality of free CPE currently offered by other providers.

We recognize the importance of maintaining the CPA credential to its highest available standard, and the MICPA is working to ensure that members have as many free and low-cost opportunities as an added benefit. We encourage our members to take advantage of these programs, starting with the Winter Bonus Program on Dec. 15.

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