Cannabis Gains Ground in Michigan Post-Election



The ballots are in and everyone is wondering the about the same thing: recreational marijuana. Indeed, the state of recreational marijuana in Michigan was up for vote in 2020, and new ground was certainly gained. From mLive, the results of Michigan recreational marijuana ballot initiatives are in:  

“Port Huron in St. Clair County: 71% of voters, with all precincts reporting, supported a law to increase the number of licensed recreational and businesses allowed within the city limits. It also allows for the addition of medical marijuana businesses… 

Kawkawlin Township in Bay County: An initiative to allow an unlimited number of recreational marijuana businesses lost with about 57% of voters casting ballots against the measure. 

Three Oaks Township in Berrien County: A ballot initiative to allow for a limited number of recreational marijuana businesses passed with about 63% support. 

Utica in Macomb County: Nearly 54% of voters rejected a ballot proposal that would increase the number of businesses allowed to be licensed for recreational marijuana sales. 

Village of Lake Orion in Oakland County: Almost 65% of voters in the Oakland County community supported an initiative to allow recreational marijuana businesses in the village. 

Village of Pinckney in Livingston County: A proposal to allow for a limited number of recreational marijuana businesses passed with 56% of voter support. 

Village of Northport in Leelanau County: Nearly 76% of voters rejected a proposal that would have prohibited recreational marijuana businesses in the village1.” 

Four out of seven supporting decisions is a victory for the Michigan marijuana industry, a win for Michigan’s fastest-growing industry. Of course, Michigan wasn’t the only state with marijuana initiatives on the ballot, and AP News reports that relaxed drug laws took a significant step forward on Tuesday, legalizing marijuana for adults in several new zip codes2.  

The MICPA is keeping a finger to the pulse of this issue with plans to unpack what these changes mean for CPAs in Michigan (as well as their clients) with the 2020 Cannabis Summit on December 8, 2020. Register now for an inside look at the cannabis industry in Michigan and beyond. 

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  2. Lieb, David A. “Push to Relax Drug Laws Gains Big Victories on State Ballots.” AP News. 4 Nov. 2020

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