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The retail season is upon us, but social distancing is putting small business in a bind as Yelp reports more than 97,000 business, large and small, have permanently closed during the pandemic, according to NBC News. Of course, the best way to ensure that small businesses, the predominate driver behind jobs in the U.S., stay afloat is to buy from them1. Small business Saturday is over, but most people aren’t finished shopping for the holidays, so why not shop small and, if possible, local as well?

As part of an effort to support local metro Detroit business, Click on Detroit is building a ‘Shop Local Catalog’ to provide a local alternative to Amazon. From history to music, the D has you covered, potentially in ways least expected. For instance, did you know you can bash your way through a room of breakables at the Destruction Depot in Whitmore Lake? If there is a more appropriate form of stress relief that sums up the year 2020, it has yet to be seen2.

In Lansing, small businesses are focusing on creating a vibrant shopping scene for local shoppers, the Lansing State Journal reports. Festive window displays, pop-up shops and mobile eateries are all examples of ways local small business is getting creative to attract holiday shoppers during what is expected to be a comparatively slow season3.

Of course, shopping isn’t the only way to support small business, especially if you yourself are a small business owner. Support in the form of camaraderie, collaboration and mentorship are also ways small businesses can support each other, according to Forbes. Starting small with services from local providers or hiring local vendors is typically more affordable and accessible than big name providers and goes a long way to giving back to others in your own community.

Finally, don’t overlook the power of social media. Now, more than ever, online communities are keeping people together. Entrepreneurs can create and join social media groups that can help facilitate collaboration on local initiatives as well as the exchange of experience and ideas4.

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