2020 Gift Guide for the CPAs in Your Life – Including You!


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Grandma’s lecture about last-minute holiday shopping hits differently in 2020, as holiday shopping ranked so incredibly low on this past summer’s to-do list that it didn’t even make the list. Yet now that December is here and families everywhere are finding unique ways to exchange gifts this holiday season, perhaps a bit of that holiday spirit (read: immense guilt) is beginning to settle beneath your skin. If so, we’ve got you covered with some excellent last-minute, on-time gift opportunities for the CPA in your life (or yourself, because you definitely deserve it)! In no particular order, here are 10 holiday gift ideas for the accounting professional(s) in your life.

  1. This coffee mug is the perfect expression of the hard work and intelligence becoming and remaining a CPA requires. The image is from an actual MRI belonging to a student that recently earned their CPA credential which is why it made our list as the perfect gift, especially for recent graduates!
  2. This clock is either the best thing we’ve seen in 2020 or the absolute worst. Either way, making the CPA in your life glance at this clock throughout the day is the perfect hilarious torture. If the accountant in your life also happens to be an educator, all the better. This is our pick for best gag gift of 2020.
  3. Coffee! But, like, the GOOD stuff. Something new. Something weird. Coffee, tea or cocoa, depending on preference, is an excellent way to class up your gift without breaking the budget, unless you want to. In that case, what about this?
  4. Enough white out tape to get them through next tax season. There isn’t a student or CPA alive that doesn’t need a near infinite supply of white out – just saying!
  5. Do you miss the extended keyboard sitting discarded in a cubicle you left behind last March, silently cursing every time you reach for a number pad on your laptop that just isn’t there? Well, the accountant in your life probably is too, so here’s a portable mini number pad you can slip into a stocking and then toss at their front door this holiday season! Or…you know. Have Amazon deliver directly to their door, gifter’s choice.
  6. Netflix! Give the gift of a subscription-free month or more with a gift card to their favorite video or music streaming service.
  7. Fancy. Sock. Subscription. Hear us out! Accountants have personality for days, but where can this be expressed more evidently than that peak of ankle beneath a slightly raised pant leg? Trust us, these are a definite win.
  8. As the virtual office takes over and the world reopens, consider gifting your nomadic CPA an annual pass to our national parks!
  9. Do you have a financial advisor in your life that used to dream of being an actor or world-class chef? MasterClass might be a great way to encourage them to start a new hobby! Considering the site is currently running a two-memberships-for-the-price-of-one holiday special, this gift can be enjoyed by the both of you!
  10. Maybe the CPA in your life has small children studying from home. Kiwico offers monthly activity boxes for kids. Parents can pick from a variety of lines that match up with their kids’ interests so that when school is off, but work is still on, little minds and hands can be kept occupied by something other than TV or video games.

Did you like our list? Share your own CPA gift ideas on the MICPA Facebook page and don’t forget to use AmazonSmile this year when shopping to continue the spirit of giving all through the holiday season!

Source: MICPA

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