Protecting Your CPA License



For all licensed Michigan CPAs, the required Michigan Specific Ethics 2019-21 Edition course is designed, first and foremost, to protect your license. In recent years the Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs recognized the need for a state-specific ethics course as many CPAs were finding their license in jeopardy, unaware of certain governing administrative rules.

The content for the course not only meets the requirement for state-specific ethics but delves into the impacts of state statute and administrative rules regarding your CPA license. Discover the potential areas of risk, steer clear of any violations, get clarification on continuing education requirements, and take this opportunity to ask experts your questions. Regulations can be complicated – and this exciting, informative course provides the guidance and information that you need through real-life examples with practical applications.

Hear what other Michigan CPAs are saying about the Michigan Specific Ethics course:

“Very good presentation. The examples explain how the regulations are applied.”

"Great course to clarify our continuing education requirements.”

"As a Canadian CPA and US CPA, I can honestly say that this MI specific ethics course is one of the most educational and informative sessions.”

"Very informative and important information.”

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Source: MICPA

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