How to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Remote Team



Whether your company has been remote for years or just transitioned to working from home over the past several months, fostering a sense of community and connection among your team is crucial for building a positive employee experience.

And while staying connected with your employees should undoubtedly be a year-round endeavor, the holiday season is a perfect time to ramp up your connection efforts. Celebrating the holidays with your remote team not only brings some cheer to a busy time of year, but it sets a positive tone for the year ahead.

5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Remote Team

With so many ways to connect online, companies have endless opportunities for virtual celebrations during the holiday season. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Host a Virtual Holiday Party

With free dinner, cocktails, and a chance to dress up and hobnob with coworkers, swanky office holiday parties are often the highlight of the season for employees—and an important part of a company’s culture. But just because you can’t have an in-person fete right now doesn’t mean you have to nix the company holiday celebration!

You can host a virtual holiday party on any video conferencing platform (like Houseparty or Google Hangouts), but Zoom has some features that can really up the fun factor. For instance, you can utilize Zoom Breakout Rooms as different “rooms” of the party, and party-goers can move from room to room to chat with coworkers. Even better, you can make each room a theme with a specific team-building game or contest to keep employees engaged.

If food and drink were a big part of your in-person parties, send workers a DoorDash or Grubhub gift card to bring their own appetizers and libations and then have everyone eat while managers present awards or host a holiday-themed trivia session.

You can ask attendees to dress up, but keep in mind that a fun dress code (think ugly holiday sweaters or silly seasonal ties) will probably be more appealing to your employees than something formal.

2. Organize a Holiday Gift Exchange

Being a remote company doesn’t mean you can’t encourage the exchanging of inter-office holiday gifts—you’ll just have to do it remotely! A virtual “Secret Santa” gift exchange enables employees to get to know each other a little more and embrace the holidays as they shop online for others on the team.

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