.CPA Readies for Individual CPA Applicants



This year, the AICPA and acquired the .cpa domain, granting the profession ownership over an emerging sector of the changing Internet landscape. Restricted domains like .cpa are one way businesses and organizations are working to combat common internet scams that rely on some form of phishing or other fake, emulated domain addresses designed to dupe consumers. Because .cpa will only be distributed to firms and individual CPAs, fraudsters will have a significantly more difficult time crafting convincing domain spoofs.

As the first phase of .cpa application comes to a close, firms will now be able to apply for a .cpa domain address on a first come, first served basis. In January, the same will be true for individual CPAs. For those still on the fence about acquiring a restricted domain, consider the following:

  • As stated, increased protection for your clients against online fraud.
  • A new tool for improved marketing cohesion.
  • Provides an additional layer of trust to online interactions with clients and the public.
  • Demonstrates to clients and the public a progressive approach to the digital sphere.

Another reason to consider a .cpa domain sooner rather than later is to ensure ownership of the domain which best aligns with your current branding. As firms begin to craft their budgets and digital strategies for the year ahead, incorporating the acquisition of your firm or practice .cpa domain should be a part of the discussion.

For more information on the new .cpa restricted domain for the accounting profession, including how to attain one, where to apply and other frequently asked questions, visit or watch this video by president and CEO of, Erik Asgeirsson.

Source: MICPA

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