5 Dimensions for a New Style of People Management



In a world that promotes outward success, humility is one of the most difficult human virtues to achieve and develop, the most in the world of organizations of any kind.

It all starts from recognizing one's own limitations and weaknesses, and acting on the basis of that knowledge in a serene, calm, assertive and focused way to visualize one's own and others' essential needs, and know how to handle them.

"Humility" comes from the Latin word humilitas , which means fertile; that is, knowing how to create sufficient conditions of humanity so that the sowing that is done through being and doing in the world, allows an abundant and nutritious harvest for all the people involved.

5 dimensions of humble leadership

The successive crises of the world, volatility and uncertainty, lead to consider another type of leadership , centered on the human and that gives rise to a genuine and transcendent expression of the role that is exercised.

This is how humble leadership is emerging, a way of leading people where the axis is placed in five dimensions:

  • Service to others: the person knows that he leads with the purpose of serving others: the company, his team, the community, and the world in a broader sense.
  • The meaning: it is about creating more awareness of the “why” of each person, and that each one finds a deep emotional connection with what they do, so that they feel useful and, from there, achieve greater enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Influence: as a consequence of humble leadership, a direct quality impact is generated, adding value in its environment and is replicated in each action and in each intention.

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