How Legislative Committees Can Impact the CPA Profession Part 2



Recently announced were the committee assignments for the 101st legislative session. While the makeup of the House committees saw new faces and leadership, Senate committees remained the same.

In the Senate, the two committees with the most direct impact on the profession are Regulatory Reform and Finance. The MICPA is dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with elected officials who make decisions and take votes on proposals that impact the CPA profession and practice arena in Michigan. Learn more about our recent meetings with legislators in Bob’s Blog.

Similarly to the House, the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee is charged with holding hearings and voting on legislation. This means any bill seeking to deregulate the profession or change licensure requirements in Michigan would be sent to this committee for consideration. The members who serve on this committee are:

  • Aric Nesbitt, Chair (R – Lawton)
  • Lana Theis, Vice Chair (R – Brighton)
  • Ruth Johnson (R – Holly)
  • Dan Lauwers (R – Brockway)
  • Curt VanderWall (R – Ludington)
  • Dale Zorn (R – Ida)
  • Jeremy Moss, Minority Vice Chair (D – Southfield)
  • Dayna Polehanki (D – Livonia)
  • Paul Wojno (D – Warren)

The Finance Committee reviews any proposed changes to the tax structure in our state before they are sent to the Senate floor. Serving on the committee are Senators: 

  • Jim Runestad, Chair (R – White Lake)
  • Aric Nesbitt, Vice Chair (R – Lawton)
  • Jon Bumstead (R – Newaygo)
  • Kevin Daley (R – Lum)
  • Curt VanderWall (R – Ludington)
  • Stephanie Chang, Minority Vice Chair (D – Detroit)
  • Betty Alexander (D – Detroit)

If you have a relationship with an elected official or would like to be involved in our advocacy efforts, please reach out to Rachel Reardon at  

Source: MICPA

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