MICPA’s Top 10 Home Office Gadgets to Make Work Life Better (or More Fun)



According to a report by McKinsey and Company, the post-pandemic workplace could potentially see four to five times the level of permanent remote positions available compared to the previous level1. Even so, it is likely that most jobs will remain remote for quite a while longer, the New York Times reported yesterday which cited Ford, JP Morgan Chase, PwC and Wells Fargo as some of the leading companies targeting some form of hybrid return between July and September.

That said, there are a number of tools available now to make our extended home office sentence – er, arrangement – more palatable. In fact, many of these tools would transition nicely to the office once it reopens, which begs the question – why did it take a pandemic to land these glorious gadgets on our radar? To this we say, better late than never. Here are the MICPA’s top 10 home office gadgets of 2021:

Monkey Noodles. If this sounds like a child’s toy, you’d be correct but what you may not understand about Monkey Noodles is that this quiet sensory toy, suggested by BuzzFeed, is the answer to that creeping (or instant) sense of restlessness that tends to accompany a nice long Zoom call. According to one reviewer with autism and ADHD, Monkey Noodles are the perfect fidget toy for staying calm and keeping still when all you really want to do is climb the walls2. Get your set for right around $10.

Amazon Basics Office Shredder. Home office security is a major going concern among those in the accounting profession, particularly with regard to hard copy client documentation. This gadget is not only perfect for completely decimating unnecessary documents – misprints, duplicates, etc. – that contain sensitive information, but it can also shred compact disks and plastic credit cards into bits. At just over $100, this is certainly one of those tools that pays back in dividends, not to mention sweet, peace of mind.

Mug Warmers. This is a prime example of a home office tool that will follow you back to the office and continue to make your work life better in 2021. According to MICPA Emerging Leader Rita Yaldo, CPA, her cup warmer “helps to keep my coffee and teas warm during mornings filled with lots of meetings. It has helped to limit the number of trips running to the kitchen to heat my coffee and allowed me to stay caffeinated throughout the day with a fresh and warm cup of caffeine.” The Balance Small Business recommends the Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer as best in class for around $20 on Amazon3.

The Sayl Chair. This is definitely one of those investments for those planning to stay working from home in the long term. Nothing is more important than a comfortable chair when working that nine-to-five grind and starting at $545, this chair, inspired by suspension bridges and recommended by G for Gadget, is a major investment in ergonomic comfort4. According to reviewers the Sayl chair comes fully assembled, improves posture and is available with various options including lumbar supports, arm height options and a variety of colors.

Amazker Ear Plugs. Not all of us enjoy blasting music through our ear buds to drown out the ambient noise of homelife. MICPA Emerging Leader Jeffrey Randall, CPA,  for example, swears by the opposite. “I actually started using earplugs when I was working in cubicles with many other people, now I find they are the perfect solution for the work-from-home life. My kids could be screaming bloody murder and burning the house down, and I will still be crunching 1040s as long as my Amazker ear plugs are plugged in.” Just don’t forget to take them out before your next Zoom meeting. Get them on Amazon for around $12.

Oculus Quest 2. Okay, technically this is not strictly an office tool, but if you’re still missing the gym or find yourself craving an escape from the all-too-familiar four walls of literally every room in your own home, the Oculus Quest 2 is comparatively affordable and easy to set up and use as a way to break free and bring some activity back into your lunch break. From golfing and aerobics to a fully immersive productivity environment, this virtual reality headset puts the ‘fun’ back into accounting fundamentals at right around $300. This writer highly recommends.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp. Let’s take a hard right back into productivity and talk about this sleek desk lamp that comes with a built-in USB charging port. Finally, you can free up a port on your computer! With a fully adjustable head and a lamp arm that rotates up to 140 degrees, at $35 this TaoTronics lamp was named Bob Vila’s best overall desk accessory for productivity5.

Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook. Notetakers take note! The Rocketbook Fusion notebook offers 42 pages in seven different styles and comes with a Pilot Frixion pen that allows your notes to be scanned and uploaded to the free Rocketbook app using a tablet or smartphone. Another recommendation from Bob Vila, you can get your new eco-friendly tool for around $30 on Amazon.

Any of these amazing levitating desk accessories. Productivity is not the end all be all of desktop accessories. Sometimes, it’s all about the cool factor and there is literally nothing cooler than a levitating bonsai tree. Not a green thumb? Fine, how about this light bulb? Too boring? How about your own personal Death Star Bluetooth speaker? Check out the entire list of options at IPOKI, all for less than you might think.

The Range XTD. Finally, we present a solution to your Wi-Fi range problems with the Range XTD Wi-Fi Range Extender which allows you to boost signal for up to 10 devices in your home without having to do anything more than plug it into an outlet. No calls to the cable company, no special service charges. With options starting at $50, this is single-handedly the best buy for your home office on this list, which is why we saved it for last.

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Source: MICPA

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