Licensure Deadlines Approach for Michigan CPAs



If your CPA license is set to expire on July 31, 2021, just six weeks remain for you to renew so now is the time to ensure that all your CPE requirements are met. Using the MICPA CPE Checklist, members can easily review their requirements and organize a strategy around any unmet priorities to attain their necessary 40 CPE hours within the current earning period. For many, this might include your Michigan Specific Ethics credit, which is required for renewal in Michigan.

For those with unmet education requirements for the current earning period, the MICPA CPE Concierge is a member resource that will assist you with mapping your courses in time to meet your CPE deadlines. Remember, the current CPE earning period ends on June 30, 2021!

Once you are ready, head over to the MICPA CPE Tracker where license expiration information is available as well as the option to renew electronically when you are ready to do so. Once your course requirements are entered, click “Send to LARA” on the Tracker homepage to populate a Tracker Code which you can then input on the state’s website upon renewal.

If you have any further questions regarding license renewal, MICPA government relations leader Rachel Reardon is available to assist at

Source: MICPA

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