IRS Seeks Criminal Investigators



Do you have a nose for sniffing out the truth about financials? You might be one of the qualified individuals the IRS is hoping to hire as a criminal investigator (CI). As a CI for the IRS, you would operate as part of the investigative and law enforcement arm of the IRS. Because our system of voluntary tax compliance relies on self-assessment, when taxpayers on the individual and corporate spectrum knowingly fail to comply, the IRS responds with financial investigations and potential prosecutions.

According to the IRS special agents investigate violations of Federal tax law; obtain and analyze complex financial evidence; conduct surveillance, dignitary protection and undercover operations; execute search and arrest warrants; identify and seize property used in or acquired through illegal activities; testify and assist the U.S. attorney during trial.

To find out more about how to become a CI for the IRS, including the benefits associated with being a special agent, check out the official notice from the agency here

Source: MICPA

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